Rail Scale Test Cart

Rail Scale Test Cart

Rail scale test carts for use with commercial rail and rail‐combo scales. With an empty cart weight of 5,000 pounds, it is capable of holding 32 standard 1,000 pound block weights within its basket area, for a standard gross capacity of 80,000 pounds. The standard 1,000 pound block weights are 15” wide X 15 1/2” deep X 19” high.

Rail Scale Test Cart Quick Facts


  • A gasoline powered, 29HP liquid‐cooled Kawasaki engine
  • Center‐mounted engine for better lifting balance
  • Hydraulic drive motor to final chain drive
  • Auto brakes when not under power
  • Pressurized oil filtering system
  • Sealable shot ballast tube and sealable hydraulic fluid tube
  • 16” diameter rail wheels
  • Folding operator step assembly


  • Large choice of colors available
  • Custom lettering and/or graphics for your company
  • Spreader / Lifting bar for test weights and/or test cart
  • Lifting basket design for overhead crane weighing
  • Correction Weights / Test Weights
  • RF (radio frequency) remote controls
  • Custom basket dimensions