4 Wheel Test Cart

4 Wheel Test Cart

The standard test weight test cart is a 4-wheel design, with an empty cart weight of 4,000 pounds. B-TEK's 4 wheel test carts are two wheel drive. It is capable of holding 24 standard 1,000 pound block weights within its basket area, for a gross capacity of 28,000 pounds. The standard 1,000 pound block weights are 15” wide X 15 1/2” deep X 19” high.

4 Wheel Test Cart Quick Facts


  • Gasoline‐powered, 25 Horsepower, liquid‐cooled engine with electric start
  • Center‐mounted engine for better lifting balance
  • Hydraulic torque hub drive and hydraulic power steering
  • Auto brakes when not under power
  • Pressurized oil filtering system
  • Sealable shot ballast tank and sealable hydraulic fluid tank
  • 21” diameter X 6” width smooth tires
  • Folding operator stair assembly


  • Custom lettering and/or graphics for your company
  • Spreader / Lifting bar for test weights and/or test cart
  • Lifting basket design for overhead crane weighing
  • Wireless data communication
  • Correction Weights / Test Weights (not included)
  • RF (radio frequency) remote controls
  • Custom basket dimensions
  • Custom lettering and/or graphics for your company