Portable Scales

Not all weighing applications need a permanent solution; sometimes a portable option will create more value. B-TEK Scales carries a full line of portable scales ranging from floor to truck scales. B-TEK’s AX series axle scales are field-proven products that minimize the risk of overweight fines due to individual axles. Depending on the application, B-TEK’s portable Centurion truck scale may be the best solution. This portable scale can be easily set up in parking lots or on well compacted surfaces thanks to its unique modular design. Each portable Centurion is built with reinforced bulkheads to allow for easy transport and installation.

For more information about our portable scales please contact your local sales manager.

AX200 Axle Scale

AX300 Axle Scale


Weigh Buggy


PVS Mechanical Truck Scale

Portable Centurion Truck Scale