Load Cells

The talented engineers at B-TEK Scales continuously review load cell technology to find the best available products on the market. In some applications, load cell calibration data must be collected daily to ensure that all weighments are legal for trade. For critical applications such as these, B-TEK carries the CPD-M digital load cell. This load cell monitors its critical components and reports to the operator when it is not working properly.

In any weighing application the quality of the load cell is critical to ensuring an accurate and reliable operation. B-TEK Scales not only carries industry leading products but also has engineering and support staff on site to help with any issues.

For more information about our full line of load cells please contact B-TEK Scales.

Featured Load Cells

B-TEK CPD-M Digital

B-TEK CPR-M Analog

Flintec PC6

Flintec PCB

Revere 5103

Revere 5223

Revere 9223

Sensortronics 65083H

Sensortronics 65023

Sensortronics 65023S

Sensortronics 60001A

Sensortronics 65016-0104W

Tedea 1042

Tedea 1250