B-TEK Impact T503W

Impact T503W Indicator

The B-TEK Impact indicator (also referred to as the T503W indicator) combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an instrument that is ideal for use in applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. The B-TEK Impact indicator is a wash down indicator.

Impact T503W Indicator Literature


  • Ideal for use in heavy wash down applications and rugged environments.
  • A unique feature is the software sense jumpers for choosing 4 or 6 wire load cells. No tiny plastic PC jumpers to drop or lose under the workbench.
  • Navigating the setup menu is a snap. Once setup is entered, the display will show “hints” for what button does what.
  • Two individual setup modes are available: Safe Setup allows changes to non-scale related parameters without breaking the seal or advancing the audit trail.
  • No moving parts at all in the keypad. The buttons sense the capacitance of your fingers. There is even an LED that lights up to show that the keypad responded to your touch.
  • Single front panel to protect the display and avoid leaks
  • Sturdy design with enhanced wall strength