B-TEK Surge Spanker

Surge Spanker®

B-TEK Surge Spanker® AC and DC surge voltage products are designed to handle transient voltage surges on scales and scale systems.

Surge Spanker® Quick Facts


DC Surge Suppression: Model Surge Spanker 15-7 E

  • Max peak voltage 6 KV, max peak current 6,000 amps, response time <15m sec., watertight enclosure and lifetime warranty.

AC Surge Suppression: Model Surge Spanker 7C

  • Eliminates dangerous AC voltage transients, and EMI/RFI interference, clamps pico and nano second rise time transients. 6,000V transient source voltage rating, 3000 amp transient source current and lifetime warranty.

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Surge Spanker System Quick Facts