B-TEK DILINK Digital System

DILINK Digital System

Sealed in a stainless steel environmentally sealed housing, the B-TEK DILINK Digital System can convert analog signals to digital signals to simplify scale calibration. The DILINK provides transient protection while allowing 8-cell analog to digital conversion per single DILINK box. However, multiple boxes can be connected for more challenging applications.

DILINK Digital System Quick Facts


  • IP66 / NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure
  • High accuracy analog to digital signal conversion
  • Up to 16 cells can be connected to DILINK system
  • Calibration adjustments from the scale indicator, no manual adjustments
  • Real-time load cell status information available from DIalogik indicator
  • Real-time diagnostics that can help to reduce scale down time
  • Transient protection built-in for maximum load cell protection
  • Connects to any of the B-TEK Dialogik family of scale indicators
  • Stainless steel environmentally sealed housing
  • Converts any analog load cell to digital
  • Provides long term measurement stability
  • 8-Cell analog to digital conversion in single DILINK box
  • Multiple DILINK boxes can be connected
  • Replaces conventional junction box / summing card
  • Scale adjustments made at indicator
  • RS-485 communication output eliminates interference
  • Connects to any B-TEK Dialogik indicator
  • Simplifies scale calibration
  • Individual cell readings can be viewed

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DILINK Digital System Quick Facts