Digital Technology

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Developed in 1997, the CPD-M Digital Load Cell quickly captured attention from the weighing industry as the most unique load cell ever built.  Working together with our partners in Italy, B-TEK took characteristics from the very successful CPR Analog Load Cell and developed a higher performing, more reliable load cell which offered ease of use to techs and end users alike.

Combining internal diagnostics with stainless steel, hermetically sealed construction and its resistant to all lightning and surge, the CPD-M continues to be sought after in all industries where reliability is a must. With more than 130,000 units in use throughout the world, B-TEK is proud to say that we have one of the most admired products our industry has ever seen!

Attention to detail and quality control is second to none. All CPD load cells are assembled by hand in our factory outside of Modena, Italy.

There is a reason we are the first company to have an NTEP Certificate verifying the most accurate load cell resolution in a truck scale. Each cell goes through a rigorous compression and temperature testing process before it leaves our factory. If for some reason a cell does not perform or shows traces of any impurities that were acquired during the manufacturing process, this cell is rejected.