DD Series Indicators

The DD Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with the measuring requirements of a weighing instrument. In particular, with the DD2050 model the user can carry out the weighing operations independently, without the presence of an operator. the user can be identified by many device types (i.e. magnetic, optical or proximity).


In 2012 B-TEK released a line of industrial PCs, the DD Series, to the North American Market. The sharp, stainless lines and large LED displays help support our goal to make user friendly equipment in an otherwise technical industry.

Combining extensive standard hardware, customized programming and a Windows Embedded operating system, B-TEK continues to attract attention from industries all over the continent. Whether it’s weighing, process control or managing an inventory system, our DD Line will simplify your business!


Windows Based

The DD Line was the first of its kind to bring full programmability to the scale industry while doing it through Windows based software. B-TEK developed this software on a touch screen platform and was able to immediately capture significant market share because of its vast physical appeal when compared to similar equipment in our industry.

Fully Programmable

Custom software can be easily developed using standard Microsoft languages. There are no limitations on the ability to customize your solution. Any time a standard feature is not present, a developer can simply write code to implement it.

Hardware Reliability

The DD family of indicators have integrated elements and components to help them withstand the harshest of conditions. The display is an industrial touch screen which is able to be easily read and withstand bright environments.

Network Connected

Thanks to the built-in network connectivity, the DD series can be easily integrated into a customer's network. Communication with any type of device can be managed by leveraging commonly used protocols and functions already built inside the DD series indicators.